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will_belegon's Journal

16 December
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Will Belegon began writing erotica as an exploration of his more primal side. He found the combination of his overactive imagination with his love of poetry and prose to be a good fit for the genre. Throw in his love of moonlit beaches and first kisses, and words began to flow.
The validation came when other people liked what he wrote. So he wrote more, and found that he enjoyed the attention. When someone suggested he might actually get paid to write, the notion seemed too wild to consider. Yet fortune is said to favor the bold.
Will received Literotica.com’s Readers Choice Award for the Best Erotic Couplings Story of 2004, and his character of MacCailein Mor in his story The Interrogation at that site was nominated as the Sexiest Male Character for 2005. Will has also shown versatility within erotica by receiving monthly category nominations at Literotica in multiple sub-categories.
Will has also contributed both stories and poetry to the Coming Together anthology series, the proceeds of which are donated to charitable and free speech organizations.